Monday, 6 July 2015

Waterside Farm Campsite, Barber Booth Road, Edale, Derbyshire, S33 7ZL

hOUNDY RATING OUT OBS 5:                        *****
Did it habs grasses for rollings and eatings? Millyons ob grasses for rollings and eatings
Did it hab wabbits for meselfs watching?     Woz wabbits and ducks and chikins and ebryfing wot you cood eba lub to do lookings at! Hinclooding sheeps. I lub sheeps.           
Did it hab mowls for Thai’s sniffings?            Did hab mowls but not many
Did it has horsey poos neer it for eatings?   Meself and Thai didn’t eats any horsey poos but Thai did lub sheepy poos.
Woz walkies away from bizzy roads?            Walkies to village woz on a smorl road but woz a millyon foot parfs to do walkies on too.   
Did we get to do washings hup or woz there fasilities?    Woz washings hup wib warm waters fasilities but we did get to be helpy wib the brekfst playts.  
HOOMAN RATING OUT OBS 5:                *****
Date visited:                                                Joon 2015
Woz the facilities ‘geenic?                       Mummy sez hers toylets and showers woz probly more better than wot Meester Porls woz but then you ham on a farm.
Did thems hab showers?                         Woz showers, woz warm. Didn’t hab to use treet pennies.
Did them habs ‘lektric?                            No ‘lektrik but wozn’t a problem for Joodiff.             
Did Joodiff hab frends?                            Wen we did leeb Joodiff did hab sum friends but wen we did gets there Joodiff woz all on hers own.
Woz it seclooded:                                      Berry berry lubbly ins the mowntins.           
Woz it neers to a pub?                             Wib in walkies distance obs The Old Nags Head and The Rambler Inn.                

Any uvva comments:    Woz nessled between too hoooooge hills wot ham called Kinder Scowt ands Mam Tor (stoopid names!) Habbed a train line runnings across the back but the seenery maked hup for it by millions. Woz a werkings farm and did habs millyons ob aminals to do lookings at. Smorl ducks and more hooger ducks and ebil chikins and gowts and sheeps (I lubbed sheeps). Did hab walkies to the trayn station wot taked you to Hope ands then you cood get busses to Castleton wot we did. I did lub the trayn. I did not lub the bus. Mummy sez woz well werf the munnies for the ‘mazing hooge looks.

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