Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Trowel and Hammer, 49 Pakefield Street, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 0JS

HOUNDY RATING OUT OBS 5:               ****
Treet on arrival:                                       No treets
Waters bowl putted out:                       Did hab water bowls hinside
Enuff space for me layings down:        There woz hindeed
Taybles big enuff for Thai snoozings under:                We didn’t do eatings hindoors but Thai did snoozings under the tayble outside
Carpits or hard?                                       *scratches hed* I can’t ‘member meself. I finks a mixture.
Amount ob leff-dovers:                         Meself and Thai did get a cupple ob chippies from Mummy and sum veggibles from Meester Porl. Sept Thai ham not a veggiblist and hims did  spits them out so I et thems too.
If it habs a garden, duz it habs grass:          Did habs a garden wib grasses.

Duz them habs Aspalls?                    Thems did.
Duz thems habs reel ayl?                  Thems did.
Sooperness obs menu:                      Woz pubs foods wot filled themselfs hup before holibobs hadventure.
Stickiness obs tables:                        Outsides woz okies.

Any uvva comments:                        Ham dog frendlies hinside and out. Thems garden duz goes rite onto the cliffs wot leeds to the beech for walkies. 

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