Saturday, 20 June 2015

Green Haven Campsite, The Street, Rumburgh, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 0NL

HOUNDY RATING OUT OBS 5:                              ****
Did it habs grasses for rollings and eatings?       Yes, lots ob grasses and long grasses for sniffings in. Sooper.
Did it hab wabbits for meselfs watching?          Lots of wabbits for watchings. Berry sooper.           
Did it hab mowls for Thai’s sniffings?                 Did not hab any mowls but Thai did qwite lub the wabbits too.        
Trees for wees hup?                                               Trees and long grasses.        
Did it has horsey poos neer it for eatings?        Did hab horses for doing lookings at but thems poos woz the uvva side obs the fense.
Woz walkies away from bizzy roads?                 Walkies woz on lubbly country roads.
Did we get to do washings hup or woz there fasilities?    There woz fasilities but meself and Thai did still get to do brekfst playt lickings.
HOOMAN RATING OUT OBS 5:                      *****
Date visited:                                                       May 2015
Woz the facilities ‘geenic?                              Berry ‘geenics and shiny.
Did thems hab showers?                                 Yes qwite hooge coobicles.
Did them habs ‘lektric?                                   *nods* Yes. Lektrik.
Did Joodiff hab frends?                                   Yes there woz space for five Joodiffs and sum tents.
Woz it seclooded:                                             Berry qwite wib lots of feelds and berds. Berry pees-full.
Woz it neers to a pub?                                    It woz but wozn’t open wen we did try to goes.
(If yes, did we reviews it...)                           

Any uvva comments:            Thems woz berry berry frendlies eben to nature. Thems did use the sunshine to makes ‘lektric and thems did use the rayn to makes the toylets go flush and thems did make thems own apple joose. We did turnings hup on the rong day (becoz Meester Porl did gets it rong and hims didn’t eben drink any obs the wobbly joose) and thems did still find ourselfs a space wot woz berry lubbly ob themselves. Hunfortunatly Meester Porl wen hims wozn’t drinking wobbly joose didn’t see’s that thems did only let one dog stay in each Joodiff. I did sez that I ham not a dog I ham an Arfur. Thems sed okies then and we woz allowdid to stay wot woz qwite sooper.

P.S. We hab resently habed an emayl from themselfs to sez thems ham finking abouts refinking thems one dog polly-see. If thems duz we ham defnatly goings back. We did lub it here.

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  1. Sowns soopa we wud go der if we had a Joodiff