Monday, 27 April 2015

Little Lodge Farm, Santon Downham, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0TX

HOUNDY RATING OUT OBS 5:                              *****
Did it habs grasses for rollings and eatings?     Lubbly smelly grasses wib horsey poos.
Did it hab wabbits for meselfs watching?          *nods* Millyons ob wabbits. I lub wabbits. Did also habs Meester and Meesis Duck.
Did it hab mowls for Thai’s sniffings?                 *nods* Did hab mowls too. And sqwirrels. Thai duz not lub sqwirrels. One maked him run into a tree once. Sillies Thai.
Trees for wees hup?                                              Millyons ob trees. Hinfact a hole forest.
Did it has horsey poos neer it for eatings?       Millyons of horsey poos. And horseys.
Woz walkies away from bizzy roads?                 All froo the hole forest.
Did we get to do washings hup or woz there fasilities?    We did get to be helpy wibs the pre wash.
HOOMAN RATING OUT OBS 5:                            *****
Date visited:                                                             April 2015
Woz the facilities ‘geenic?                                    Thems didn’t habs toylets but Joodiff duz so woznt a problem. I did just hab me poos on walkies like wot I wood normly.           
Did thems hab showers?                                       *shakes hed* Mummy and Meester Porl woz stinkies.  Meself and Thai did washings wib ours tungs so we woz still ‘geenic.
Did them habs ‘lektric?                                          No ‘lektric but we did using candles wot woz qwite lubbly.
Did Joodiff hab frends?                                          Joodiff did not habs any frends.
Woz it seclooded:                                                   Berry berry berry. We woz neer a streem and trees.
Woz it neers to a pub?                                           Nopes. Only neer sqwirrels and wabbits and horsis and Meester and Meesis Duck’s home.
(If yes, did we reviews it...)                           

Any uvva comments: We did lubs it here lots. Millyons ob sniffings. Lubbly walkies and berry berry pees-full. We woz the only ones there (sept for the horsis and Meester and Meesis Duck). Will defnatlies goes back. 

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