Monday, 27 April 2015

Fen Farm Caravan Site, Moore Lane, East Mersea, Colchester, Essex, CO5 8FE

HOUNDY RATING OUT OBS 5:                              **
Did it habs grasses for rollings and eatings?     Did habs grasses
Did it hab wabbits for meselfs watching?         No wabbits
Did it hab mowls for Thai’s sniffings?                No mowls
Trees for wees hup?                                              Did hab sum trees for wees hup and a bin for meselfs and Thai’s poos
Did it has horsey poos neer it for eatings?       No horsey poos
Woz walkies away from bizzy roads?                Did hab lubbly beechy walkies and feeld walkies
Did we get to do washings hup or woz there fasilities?    Did not hab to be helpy wib washings hup
HOOMAN RATING OUT OBS 5:                           ***
Date visited:                                                           April 2015
Woz the facilities ‘geenic?                                  Berry ‘geenic  and did eben play moosic wen you did you’s toylets. Moosic to do poos by. Sooper!
Did thems hab showers?                                    Thems did and you did habs moosic to be geenics to too.  
Did them habs ‘lektric?                                       Yes, plenties ob ‘lektric wot woz sooper becoz woz ours ferst adventure in Joodiff.
Did Joodiff hab frends?                                      Joodiff did habs millyons ob frends.
Woz it seclooded:                                                Not reallies.
Woz it neers to a pub?                                       Woz neer the Dog and Fezant but woznt dog frendlies sept ins the garden but even wen I woz in the garden a man hinside the pub did still whinge about ourselfs ‘not more ruddy dogs’ or sumfing likes that.
(If yes, did we reviews it...)                                Dog and Fezant

Any uvva comments: Did habs awards for it’s fasilities and toylets and showering fings. Woz berry plezant and cleen and a sooper ferst stop for getting to no’s Joodiff. Wood goes back agen if we woz going to Mersea but woznt outs favrit. Probly qwite bizzy in summers. 

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