Monday, 3 August 2015

Dukes Head, Slugs Lane, Somerleyton, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 5QR

HOUNDY RATING OUT OBS 5:               ***
Treet on arrival:                                       No treets
Waters bowl putted out:                       There woz sum outside the frunt door.
Enuff space for me layings down:        We did sittings outside so did hab millyons ob snoozings space.
Taybles big enuff for Thai snoozings under:  Hims cood qwite easy fit under the tayble.  
Amount ob leff-dovers:                         We did gets too beef drippings chippies each becoz Mummy and Meester Porl did gets fulled rite hup wibs lubbly porks wot we did not get to do any eatings ob.
If it habs a garden, duz it habs grass:   Did habs a lubbly grassy garden wot woz sooper for sniffings and snoozings.

HOOMAN RATING OUT OBS 5:        ****
Duz them habs Aspalls?                   Yes thems did. Mummy woz happies.
Duz thems habs reel ayl?                 Yes thems did. Meester Porl woz happies too.  
Sooperness obs menu:                     Woz berry sooper. Qwite stoopid prices tho.
Stickiness obs tables:                        Wozn’t stickies but did hab wosps wot woz annoying but ham summer.

Any uvva comments:            Did be’s close to the trayn stayshon and did hab lubbly walkies to the river. Hinside the pub did habs a dog friendlys part obs the bar buts the restront woznt unless you did eatings outside. 

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