Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Sun Inn, High Street, Dedham, Essex, CO7 6DF

The Sun Inn, High Street, Dedham, Essex, CO7 6DF                                  

HOUNDY RATING OUT OBS 5:              ***** We did lub this pub – me berry best favrit
Treet on arrival:                                     We did not get any treets sept wot I steeled out ob Meester Porl’s bag.
Waters bowl putted out:                         Woz sum hinside and cood hab you’s own if you did ask.
Enuff space for me layings down:        Yes, qwite a lots and sofas if you manidge to be berry sneekies wibout Mummy noticing but you did still get telled to get off!
Taybles big enuff for Thai snoozings under:       Not ins the room wib the fire fing but lots of floor rooms.
Carpits or hard?                                      Woz hard but did hab rugs in the lownge sootible for snoozing.
Amount ob leff-dovers:                          Nun. But I did manidge to steel a bit ob bred.
If it habs a garden, duz it habs grass:  Did habs a garden wot woz made of hard. Mite habs had grass. Praps we needs to goes back.

HOOMAN RATING OUT OBS 5:             ***** Hoomans did lub this pub too – ham Mummy’s favrit.
Duz them habs Apsalls:                         Yups
Duz them habs reel ayl:                          Yups
Sooperness obs menu:                          Berry taysties lookings menu. Lubbly hingreedients (‘parantlies!) Sooper bred.
Stickiness obs taybles:                          Wozn’t stickies at all til I putted me noze on it and til me tung acsidently felled on it. .

Any uvva comments:     Habs a lubbly lownge wibs sofas and a fire fing. Berry cozy. Did brings fresh breds before foods wibs oils and dippings fings (wot I did steel a little bit ob on accident – did forget to shares it wib Thai tho). Berry lubbly walkies all around. Sooper for sniffings. And wabbits. Meself and Thai lubs wabbits. And mowls. Thai lubs mowls. 

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  1. Fab review - we must all meet there again soon.