Friday, 27 February 2015

The Ostrich Inn, Stocks Green, Castle Acre, Kings Lynn, PE32 2AE

The Ostrich Inn, Stocks Green, Castle Acre, Kings Lynn, PE32 2AE

HOUNDY RATING OUT OBS 5:            *** from meself
Treet on arrival:                                     We did not get treets but we did get lots ob hed fusses (speshally wen Thai acsidently got hims hed stuck ins the door!)
Waters bowl putted out:                       We did not habs waters but ours stoopid hoomans forgetted to ask!
Enuff space for me layings down:      I did layings down but woz a bit ins the way.
Tayble big enuff for Thai snoozings under:         Hims coodnt get under the tayble so did lay ins the way. Got hims hed stuck ins the door. Greyhounds wood neva be so stoopid.
Carpits or hard?                                    Woz hard.
Amount ob leff-dovers:                        I did try to steel the meets becoz I did no’s there woodn’t be any leff-dovers. I woz rite. And I didn’t manidge to steel any either. Even from the peeples on the next tayble.
If it habs a garden, duz it habs grass:Did hab sum taybles out the frunt. But we didn’t see’s a proper garden so woz just hard.

HOOMAN RATING OUT OBS 5:           ***** Mummy and Meester Porl did lub this eatings place berry much.
Duz them habs Apsalls:                       Yes thems did
Duz them habs reel ayl:                       Yes thems did
Sooperness obs menu:                       ‘Parently woz berry sooper. Did sniff berry sooper.
Stickiness obs taybles:                       Taybles woz not stickes at all.

Any uvva comments:     Did habs a lubbly fire fing and woz berry tidy and nice. So tidy and nice Mummy sed hers coodn’t beleeb houndies woz allowdid in! Berry lubbly walkies all around and eben a castle so you can pretend to be kings (or qweens if you habn’t got a boys bit)! 

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  1. Very handy mate. Ta very much. Me Mum wondered if Mummy and Mister Porl could chuck in a few examples of the fud on the menu?